M.D. Govier Electrical Engineers Ltd
Commercial and Domestic Electrical Engineering
Commercial and Domestic Electrical Engineering


"As an Electrical Engineer qualified for both Commercial and Domestic applications,

"I have worked for over 15 years in and around Milton Keynes and Northants, for much of the time I was the Design & Control Engineer for Hydrafeed in Bond Avenue designing and programming software for bar feeders and plc systems."

MD Govier Electrical Engineers operate throughout the UK our dedicated team of highly qualified professionals have a 'can do' attitude and complete all work to a very high standard with the professionalism you can expect.

Health & Safety Policy

We provide adequate control of the health and safety risks arising from our work activities from undertaking regular risk assessments. We consult with our employees on matters affecting their health and safety and ensure all employees are adequately trained for the tasks in hand. We provide, maintain and hire suitable and safe plant and equipment and ensure safe handling of this equipment and any associated substances. We aim to prevent accidents and cases of work-related ill heath by maintaining good working conditions. 

Equal Opportunities

We are committed to the idea of equal opportunities for all. Our policy is to make sure the no customer, pr person involved or associated with MD Govier Electrical Engineering Ltd receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of:

Religious belief or political opinion

Race (including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin)



Marital or civil partnership status

Sexual orientation


At Md Govier we are opposed to all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination both direct or indirectly. We believe in human rights for all those connected with this organisation and all members of society. We make sure that all our staff and sub-contractors are aware of our Equal Opportunities Policy.